Programs of service

  1. Helping Families in Need. (Lockwood, Bench, Bitterroot)
  2. Highway cleanup. (Airport Road, Boothill Cementary & Bench Elementary Garden)
  3. Freedom Shrines for schools

Past projects

  1. Warming shed and bathrooms for Castle Rock Park
  2. Help with baseball field at Bench and Barrett Road
  3. Build deck for Group Home on Antelope Trail
  4. Build Gazebo in Bench School’s Learning Garden!
  5. Playground equipment at Bench School.
  6. Painted house for Seniors at Venus Circle.
  7. Put in Reader Board at Bench School.
  8. Warming shed for Crosswalk at Bitterroot School.


  1. Youth Basketball Tournament
  2. Annual Golf Tournament
  3. Serve beverages at Metra